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Crazy Memorial weekend

May. 28th, 2008 | 11:55 am
location: new york
mood: drainedyup drained lol
music: chris brown forever

 Hey guys i'm back again and i must say i had a crazy weekend.  Went to dave n buster on 42nd st between 7 and 8th ave, right over applebees. It was really nice.  Played a few shooting games and a basketball game with the family. Raced a few people there.  Took pictures of my family and my self lol for myspace page.  Also played dance resolutions which i love dearly.  It's a freakin good work out you.  Hanging out...doing whatever.  Then it was time to eat, had a few drinks and then ordered the main course.  I really enjoyed that day and then sunday i was just all over the place in my house, couldn't sit still. Then monday morning was completely drained...i guess the drinks finally caught up with me.  Got my ass kick several times by my mother in video games yea who knew she could actually play pretty damn well while she was a drunk huh? I did well to in my drunken state i scored a 201 yea in bowling on the wii i've never done that while sober should i get drunk more often? lol. then went to the movies to see Iron man which by the way i hightly highly recommend everyone to go see because it's just freakin wicked.  then went shopping for a few hours, didn't by too much for myself more for my niece i wanted to her to have a great time.  but any hoo that's pretty much it. i'm done with chapter 8 of my story so you can check it out on fanfiction.net under teiboi or quizzilla under sesshomaru85. yea people if you have that special something to share please do i'd greatly appricate it!!!!

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Exciting weekend

May. 22nd, 2008 | 11:02 am
location: New York
mood: calmcalm
music: NY

 Hey everyone, i'm back another day huh? This weather is soooo crazy, i have to admit, when will have real summer, sometime soon i hope, my brithday is coming next month and i would like to visit great adventure with sunshine.  Also i've been have an Epiphany about my fanfiction story i'm writing at this time, also other ideas pop in my head from time to time.  I'm a long time dragon ball z fan, i mean a loooooonnnnnngggg time dragon ball z fan since i was 7 so an i'm almost 23 yea so that's a long time.  but no shame in my game about it.  i grow up loving it and it will stay with me for the rest of my natural life.  So that's what i'm writing about dragon ball z and a inuyasha crossover.  if any one can comment on that then go head it's alright. lol.  I also want to bring up in the last couple of days that i haven't had the desire to play my video games either on the system itself or on the computer. i'm not sure if it' just one of the days or what but that's what i've been going through lately. that's okay  no problem im sure it'll pass sooner or later, anyways.

I can't wait until this weekend because i'm gonig to dave n buster with my family all day to dring play game ect. and have a good old time.  That's what i miss all these months just hanging out with the family.  all i've been doing is staying home either watching tv or playing game or on my computer reading a fanfiction story.  I want a cat so bad, i can tast e the furball in my month. stupid huh just go ahead and say yea she's crazy. oh yea. that's alright thought.  Today so far is going okay because well lets face it, it's freakin slow!!!! no one visiting me or nothing or what ever at work but don't complain because i'm getting paid for it better than nothing, bless those who are less unfortunate than i, i'll talk about the economy later but right now i must make this a close because in a few mintues i have to head upstairs to my next floor to cover.  This lady that i'm covering she's really nice, i like her a lot. She looks out for me and i look out for her. we just do things like that, i highly believe in things like that.  if you're staying with someone fo more than 8 hours, well you treat them like family, and that what i like to do.  

So i'm good everyone have a wonderful day and god speed. love ya and hair grease.

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Another blah day

May. 19th, 2008 | 05:19 pm
location: new york
mood: lovedloved
music: sean payk

Hey guys oh it's monday already, i hope you had a wonderful weekend because i sure did. It was a nice experience.  Having your family can be really exciting when you've been visiting them for the longest time. You're able to play host and it's really nice.  I'm having them over again this weekend so can't wait, and yes!! it's a three day weekend soo coool! I also finished writing my fanfiction chapter 8. so you guys can look me up on fanfiction.net under teiboi.  Quizilla.com under sesshomaru85 and adultfanfiction.net under sesshomaru85 it's pretty good at least some of my friends think so.  and i'm still really thinking about which kitten i should get.  i know it'll have to be short haired for my fiance have asthma can't trigger you know.  any hoo if you have any experience you want to share i'm al ear. just let me know where you post and i'll comment. i always do. hehehe. so please people don't hesitate to add me as a friend

i have a myspace account, look up; actually here is the link


there so check me out and well we can be friends.  love ya and good night!!!!!

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Knowing which cat is for you.

May. 15th, 2008 | 05:11 pm
mood: curiouscurious

 Hey guys it's me i'm back, today i want to point out...knowing which cat is for you. Why care, you ask? Well because i just freakin do, ahem beside this is just for people who interested in cats. I found out today, some pretty interesting stories about them.  Like one person, (I refuse to state who it is!) Told me a cat appeared in her back-yard, at first she was skeptic as to whether let cat in because well it's a stray and stray's can be a hand full if it is infected with a disease.  Anyway after it appear in the backyard for several weeks she then decided to keep him.  Was she wrong in doing this? Not really she had to take the animal to get proper care and they welll after sometime they got along just fine cool huh?   It's really cute on how you meet them, you know.  Some follow u home, others walk into your house. lol if you have any cute stories on how you met your cats please do share!!!!! 

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Something new

May. 14th, 2008 | 11:00 am
location: new york
mood: lovedloved

Hi everyone, this is my first time on live journal and i'm happy to be here.  Just wanted to share with you, what i've been up too for the last couple of weeks.  I've been writing a fanfiction story called memoir of a crackhead (yea i know wtf, what have i been thinking) well it's something new that popped in my head.  So i was hoping to share this with for all fanfiction readers and writers.  I've already completed chaper 6 and brainstorming chapter 7,  You can leave reviews on fanfiction even here if you want but i prefer on fanfiction, so other will see how it is.  Now the story that i write is not of any ordinary writing.  it's a little dark and it's going to have yoai which means gay yea so i support the gay community sweet.  but if you have problems with either of this DON'T READ.  i don't want to offend you any further. 

so here is the link...enjoy


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