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Human spitefulness

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Dec. 5th, 2008 | 08:31 am
location: New York
mood: coldFucking pissed that's what
music: to pissed to think

Hey guys i guess i haven't posted on here in a long time, i guess i've been pretty busy, trying to work on my original story and put the fanfiction on hold.  Just have to write this because if i don't i might become a something i'll regret later...now usually things don't get me upset because i have a bigger understanding of how the world works, being that 85 percent of the human population here is a fucking retard and the only thing they can do with their miserable lives is to make others like them....the most miserable act a human can do to a person is spiteful...SPITEFUL something to just fucking irk u and they know they're doing it but of course all human concious is thrown out the window.  SO....*sweetly smiles* It's okay it's fine, but you know what don't ever come in my face with your pleasant personailty because i'll just spit it back in your face, stomp it to the ground and have a bull dog shit all over it....yeah i'm pretty pissed lol.  I'm actually broke my nails just writing this post, how pathetic.  And you know what is, it's the same people you converse with every fucking waking day of your retard exitence.  I won't mention the dick heads that got on my nerves, because the spitefulness was so low key, it's like a pinch in my ass.  but whatever.    

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