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Creative mind, Bust a move and A real story

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Oct. 29th, 2008 | 12:40 pm
location: New York
mood: God has bless me
music: I'll eat you up

Creative Mind...
Hey guys smileys it's been awhile, life is not but a breeze believe you me, there are things the mind can tolerate so i'll just say that my hobbies have been shielding me from the reality although i am not ignorant of what's around me...i'm simply aware.  Sad to say but whatever it's how we're able to move on at least in my book.  Well enough of my troubles and on to the good stuff.  I'm working on the second part of My silver moon boyfriend, for those who haven't read the first chapter, feel free to do so...here is the link

Growing pains


The second chapter is more of a challenge, *Which i love so much* 

Bust a Move...

Hmmmm...I'm was thinking of creating another Fanfiction but it's not going to be a crossover, it'll be an inuyasha fic, Yes it will have Yaoi, and Yes it does involve with the sexy creamy dreamy yummy Taiyoukai sesshomaru!!!!!!!!! But there's a twist, and here is the summary. Please tell what you think?

Tragedy struck amongst the Yamamoto Clan, The Lord of the East along with the rest of the family were brutally murdered, around the same time of the death of the Great TaiYoukai Inutashio, Can sesshomaru's cousin Mamoru recover and live in Prosperity? 

Thanks Now for A real story,

I'm doing a working title sorry can't say yet i actually don't have time but in time....    


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