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Anime, games, and fanfiction thoughts

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Aug. 22nd, 2008 | 12:37 pm
mood: sweet


Heya, wow i have time for more thoughts *sweet* Just wanted to bring up a few thing pretaining to games, anime, and fanfiction i'm currently writing.

I don't know about you guys but i found Yu yu hakusho besides dragonball z, Verry addicting, i mean i spend 12 hours total last sunday just watching it, it's was crazy, back to back great episodes, i couldn't get my ass off of the couch lol probably gained like 2 pounds doing it too. but i must say at times it does remind me of dragoball z.  I still have about 17 episodes before the series end. I'''ll be very sad about it but i'll get over it eventually.  I have my eyes set on another anime after this one called death notes.  The ratings for it is extremely high so i'll know i won't be disappointed, plus they have live movies as well so i'll definantely won't be disappointed.  

Today i'm going to pick up a few games for my ds, i only had two, it would've been three if i hadn't sold my harvest moons because it pissed me off but, lol i'm buying it back and giving it another whirl...silly me huh?  I do want the new mario brothers and mario ds, yoshii island and soooo much more.  Also i'm currently additicted to GTA 4 online my game tag is teiboi anyone that wants to play with me and add as friend feel free, i'm a decent player on xbox live so don't worry about me being one of those girly retarts trust me when i say i'm sweet in racing, fast cars and helicopters so dudes and girls watch out! :)

Now onto fanfiction-I just finish my silver moon boyfriend, it's a dragon ball z and inuyasha cross over which i'm also big on in the fanfiction world.  It's about seven to eight chapters and it's pretty good, it's mixed with everything.  so if you don't mind checking it out and my other stories, i've made a part two to it but with more cross overs, dbz, inu, yu yu, Rvsb. it's pretty cool hope you stop bye...



Well that's it for now can't think of much to say except this weekend i'm going to just chill and play GTA 4, so hit me if you want and well have a great weekend guys!!!!!!!!!!!

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