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It's been awhile thoughts and things to do

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Aug. 22nd, 2008 | 12:11 pm
location: new york
mood: annoyedreally annoyed
music: Reggae

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Hey guys! *hugs*  Just wanted to add a few things, i haven't been on here a while and i really like to write and stuff.  since my last post things, things with life has been up and down, including trying to get a freaking doctor to look at my health lol, i'm not going to say what it is really, hoping its nothing series, but i do know it's common in women and doctors can't figure out why it happens so often and it can also be genetic but i'll tell you this, it's annoying as hell that's for sure, I've been writing some fanfiction yaoi and slash, which i love dearly, I've decided that's what i'm going to make a career out of and bring entertainment to the gay community and also those who support it...I had a argeement with my fiance last night about it, i mean it's strange how he would agree with the fanfiction but when i told him i wanted to write as a careeer he's telling me oh you don't know any thing about love to write them please i've been reading why and watching way too much yaoi and slash to not know buddy and i'd say it's way more entertaining hehehe but anyway enough of that crap..I'm beginning to come out with the outline of my book it's called nightmare and I and its mostly fantasy i'm pretty big on sci-fi and fiction writing so i'll keep posting here...

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