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the weekend, and a thought

Hey guys happy monday on this wonderful july day! My weekend was pretty cool, i went to the pool which was okay being that i haven't been there in years.  I realize most pools in nyc that i went to was ghetto because the people there just didn't give a crap, they were very rude and when they bump into you in the water it's all fine, but when you bump into them, they want to fight you or be aggressive it's actually sad really, but a on a better not for saturday it was really fun.  Then came today, note, when you're having a conversation with some one you stay on topic until well you change it, how is it in once sentence i say the water in nyc city is dirty and polluted because of the population, which is by the way people a known fact by scientists, but say oh you can't be so sure, where the hell that came from, why even say something like that, why don't you just let my opinion be and move on? and then where did florida come in, when you say oh there is some dirty parts of florida but you had to nerve to cut me off when i talked about nyc.   Do you see what i mean? If you don't want to be cut across during a converstion then don't do it to me.  any way, hopefully today i won't have to deal with too much idiots...have an nice day people... 
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