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IT's been awhile

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Jul. 18th, 2008 | 08:47 am
location: new york
mood: awake
music: Evalence

Hey guys it's been an eternity since i've been here on live journal, my life was pretty much crazy, I mean no lie that my mother no doubt had something to do with it stressing me out using her leo powers on me.  causing me to lose my mind.  I had a good brithday it was June 27th, and I went to great adventure, which was sweet because i love roller coaster rides.  I was disappointed i wasn't able to ride the kinda ka because my niece who isn't my niece but she is my mates niece but niece anyway, was sick most of the day but i try my best to make the most of it.  Recently nothing has been going on accept my game experience. I have to go but i will talk soon it's great to be on here.

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