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Update: Fanfiction story

Title:Sweet Sorrows
Summary:Sesshomaru lost his cousin centeries before, With Seshamaru's parents brutally murdered he disappeared 300 years later he reappears in inuyaha's village with no recollection, can sesshomaru gain his cousin's love once again? Yaoi incest-family love!

Chapter 4 a brother's trust is up. check it out!!! oh and check out my other stories!!

As always please leave a comment/review!!!!! :)

Human spitefulness

Hey guys i guess i haven't posted on here in a long time, i guess i've been pretty busy, trying to work on my original story and put the fanfiction on hold.  Just have to write this because if i don't i might become a something i'll regret usually things don't get me upset because i have a bigger understanding of how the world works, being that 85 percent of the human population here is a fucking retard and the only thing they can do with their miserable lives is to make others like them....the most miserable act a human can do to a person is spiteful...SPITEFUL something to just fucking irk u and they know they're doing it but of course all human concious is thrown out the window.  SO....*sweetly smiles* It's okay it's fine, but you know what don't ever come in my face with your pleasant personailty because i'll just spit it back in your face, stomp it to the ground and have a bull dog shit all over it....yeah i'm pretty pissed lol.  I'm actually broke my nails just writing this post, how pathetic.  And you know what is, it's the same people you converse with every fucking waking day of your retard exitence.  I won't mention the dick heads that got on my nerves, because the spitefulness was so low key, it's like a pinch in my ass.  but whatever.    

Fanfiction works

Hey everyone! *Hugs and Kisses* It's that time and you know what i'm talking about.  Election day is tomorrow.  I'm not going to talk about the subject since it is a very sensitve one this term.  Let's just hope for the best for tomorrow, hopefully the country will have better leaders to look up to soon.  But anyway hoo...

I'm currently working on a story called Stuck on Stupid.  I've made it into a one shot but changed my mine when i received a review, it brought a little hope to continue writing it.  So I decided to share with those who like fanfiction, yaoi and mpreg fiction for dragon ball z and inuyasha.

Here is the link,


In the mean time, Chapter 2 for My Silver Moon boyfriend Growing pains, should be out by the end of the week.  If you haven't read part 1 yet please do it's very nice....

Creative mind, Bust a move and A real story

Creative Mind...
Hey guys smileys it's been awhile, life is not but a breeze believe you me, there are things the mind can tolerate so i'll just say that my hobbies have been shielding me from the reality although i am not ignorant of what's around me...i'm simply aware.  Sad to say but whatever it's how we're able to move on at least in my book.  Well enough of my troubles and on to the good stuff.  I'm working on the second part of My silver moon boyfriend, for those who haven't read the first chapter, feel free to do is the link

Growing pains

The second chapter is more of a challenge, *Which i love so much* 

Bust a Move...

Hmmmm...I'm was thinking of creating another Fanfiction but it's not going to be a crossover, it'll be an inuyasha fic, Yes it will have Yaoi, and Yes it does involve with the sexy creamy dreamy yummy Taiyoukai sesshomaru!!!!!!!!! But there's a twist, and here is the summary. Please tell what you think?

Tragedy struck amongst the Yamamoto Clan, The Lord of the East along with the rest of the family were brutally murdered, around the same time of the death of the Great TaiYoukai Inutashio, Can sesshomaru's cousin Mamoru recover and live in Prosperity? 

Thanks Now for A real story,

I'm doing a working title sorry can't say yet i actually don't have time but in time....    



Part 2 of My Silver Moon

Hey guys i have part 2 if you haven't read part one please do but it doesn't really matter too much..

It's been a while since i've been on here, i've been going through a lot in my personal life, so theres been a lot of preying and thinking, so i'm glad that im here today but enough of that.  I do plan on writing more crossover fics with dragon ball z, and inuyasha i will continue to post here as i go along.

Anime, games, and fanfiction thoughts


Heya, wow i have time for more thoughts *sweet* Just wanted to bring up a few thing pretaining to games, anime, and fanfiction i'm currently writing.

I don't know about you guys but i found Yu yu hakusho besides dragonball z, Verry addicting, i mean i spend 12 hours total last sunday just watching it, it's was crazy, back to back great episodes, i couldn't get my ass off of the couch lol probably gained like 2 pounds doing it too. but i must say at times it does remind me of dragoball z.  I still have about 17 episodes before the series end. I'''ll be very sad about it but i'll get over it eventually.  I have my eyes set on another anime after this one called death notes.  The ratings for it is extremely high so i'll know i won't be disappointed, plus they have live movies as well so i'll definantely won't be disappointed.  

Today i'm going to pick up a few games for my ds, i only had two, it would've been three if i hadn't sold my harvest moons because it pissed me off but, lol i'm buying it back and giving it another whirl...silly me huh?  I do want the new mario brothers and mario ds, yoshii island and soooo much more.  Also i'm currently additicted to GTA 4 online my game tag is teiboi anyone that wants to play with me and add as friend feel free, i'm a decent player on xbox live so don't worry about me being one of those girly retarts trust me when i say i'm sweet in racing, fast cars and helicopters so dudes and girls watch out! :)

Now onto fanfiction-I just finish my silver moon boyfriend, it's a dragon ball z and inuyasha cross over which i'm also big on in the fanfiction world.  It's about seven to eight chapters and it's pretty good, it's mixed with everything.  so if you don't mind checking it out and my other stories, i've made a part two to it but with more cross overs, dbz, inu, yu yu, Rvsb. it's pretty cool hope you stop bye...

Well that's it for now can't think of much to say except this weekend i'm going to just chill and play GTA 4, so hit me if you want and well have a great weekend guys!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been awhile thoughts and things to do

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Hey guys! *hugs*  Just wanted to add a few things, i haven't been on here a while and i really like to write and stuff.  since my last post things, things with life has been up and down, including trying to get a freaking doctor to look at my health lol, i'm not going to say what it is really, hoping its nothing series, but i do know it's common in women and doctors can't figure out why it happens so often and it can also be genetic but i'll tell you this, it's annoying as hell that's for sure, I've been writing some fanfiction yaoi and slash, which i love dearly, I've decided that's what i'm going to make a career out of and bring entertainment to the gay community and also those who support it...I had a argeement with my fiance last night about it, i mean it's strange how he would agree with the fanfiction but when i told him i wanted to write as a careeer he's telling me oh you don't know any thing about love to write them please i've been reading why and watching way too much yaoi and slash to not know buddy and i'd say it's way more entertaining hehehe but anyway enough of that crap..I'm beginning to come out with the outline of my book it's called nightmare and I and its mostly fantasy i'm pretty big on sci-fi and fiction writing so i'll keep posting here...


the weekend, and a thought

Hey guys happy monday on this wonderful july day! My weekend was pretty cool, i went to the pool which was okay being that i haven't been there in years.  I realize most pools in nyc that i went to was ghetto because the people there just didn't give a crap, they were very rude and when they bump into you in the water it's all fine, but when you bump into them, they want to fight you or be aggressive it's actually sad really, but a on a better not for saturday it was really fun.  Then came today, note, when you're having a conversation with some one you stay on topic until well you change it, how is it in once sentence i say the water in nyc city is dirty and polluted because of the population, which is by the way people a known fact by scientists, but say oh you can't be so sure, where the hell that came from, why even say something like that, why don't you just let my opinion be and move on? and then where did florida come in, when you say oh there is some dirty parts of florida but you had to nerve to cut me off when i talked about nyc.   Do you see what i mean? If you don't want to be cut across during a converstion then don't do it to me.  any way, hopefully today i won't have to deal with too much idiots...have an nice day people... 

IT's been awhile

Hey guys it's been an eternity since i've been here on live journal, my life was pretty much crazy, I mean no lie that my mother no doubt had something to do with it stressing me out using her leo powers on me.  causing me to lose my mind.  I had a good brithday it was June 27th, and I went to great adventure, which was sweet because i love roller coaster rides.  I was disappointed i wasn't able to ride the kinda ka because my niece who isn't my niece but she is my mates niece but niece anyway, was sick most of the day but i try my best to make the most of it.  Recently nothing has been going on accept my game experience. I have to go but i will talk soon it's great to be on here.
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